Write with Nature: Plantable Seed Pencil in Colour with Black Lead

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Plantable seed pencils are a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pencils. Made from a mix of recycled wood and seeds, these pencils allow you to literally plant your pencil after you are done using it. 

The pencils are constructed using a mix of recycled wood fibers and seeds from plants like flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Once you have finished using the pencil, simply place it in soil and water it. Within a few weeks, the seeds will sprout and grow into new plants. he wood acts as a biodegradable container that provides the seeds with the nutrients they need to sprout. As the wood breaks down, it enriches the soil for the growing plants. 

Plantable seed pencils are a fun, educational, and environmentally conscious gift. Children enjoy learning about the planting and growing process while also helping the environment. The pencils teach valuable lessons about reusing materials and reducing waste. Once planted, the seed pencils provide a tangible example of how small actions can have a positive impact. 

For businesses and organizations focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, plantable seed pencils are an engaging promotional product. They provide a memorable giveaway that also spreads an important message. The pencils serve as a reminder of your company's commitment to eco-friendly practices and reducing waste. 

In summary, plantable seed pencils offer an innovative and impactful alternative to traditional disposable pencils. They combine creativity, education, and environmental stewardship in a simple yet meaningful way.

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